Legionella – Avoiding confusion, maintaining compliance

Legionella control is an area many find confusing. Often site staff and duty holders do not fully understand their responsibilities.

Plant Inspection Services are here to provide you with clear and concise risk assessments and training. We will help you and your employees to fully understand your water systems and your requirements under the relevant health and safety guidance.

We focus on providing full compliance and peace of mind through or range of consultancy services, including:

Legionella Risk Assessments:

Site specific, detailed and yet straight to the point. Our risk assessments focus on what you need to know to maintain compliance, with recommendations made on how to correct any issues found.

Written Schemes of Control:

We can provide a detailed, site specific, scheme of control for you and your staff to follow. This will outline the exact requirements for each part of your system as per the relevant guidance. 

A Written Scheme of Control is separate from the risk assessment. It should clearly identify the measures required to control risks from exposure to legionella and how those measures should be implemented.

Training Courses:

Carried out at your site, our training courses cater to Duty Holders, Responsible People, Appointed Deputies, and anyone involved in the legionella management regime. Always up to date, the course will leave you with a full understanding of what legionella is, where it comes from, why it causes a problem, and the management required. In addition, a practical session can be provided demonstrating the basic monitoring tasks. 

We can also assist you with further remedial actions and more complex inspection and monitoring tasks. These include cold water storage tank cleaning and disinfection, calorifier inspections and TMV Servicing.

For more information, please contact us for help, advice and a no obligation quote. You can view the HSE guidance on legionella here.