Through Examination of Lifting Equipment

Plant inspection services provide independent inspections of a wide range of lifting equipment, plant, and accessories. We work with you to ensure inspections are carried out with minimal disruption while ensuring you and your employees are protected.

We only provide inspection services, no servicing or maintenance. This means our engineers provide a fresh pair of eyes and act impartially. We don’t profit from any recommendations that we make, they are always made with only safety in mind.

What is covered by LOLER?

  • Lifting Equipment – Work equipment for lifting and lowering loads. This includes attachments used to anchor, fix or support the equipment (such as the runway of an overhead crane).
  • Accessories for Lifting – lifting equipment for attaching loads to machinery for lifting.

Our engineering team provides a comprehensive range of inspections on all types of lifting equipment:

  • Cranes, including mobile cranes, lorry loader cranes, overhead travelling cranes and manual jib cranes.
  • Hoists, including electric hoist blocks, chain blocks and wire rope blocks.
  • Lifting accessories, including chains, slings, eyebolts, shackles.
  • Lifts, including hydraulic and counterbalanced passenger lifts, stair lifts and disabled access lifts.
  • Garage equipment, including vehicle lifts, recovery vehicles, engine hoists and jacks.
  • Materials handling equipment, including fork lift trucks, reach trucks, side loaders, rough terrain trucks, tele-handlers, stacker trucks and pallet trucks.
  • Patient hoists, including bath hoists and stair lifts.
  • Access equipment, including mobile elevated work platforms and man lifting attachments.

What are the requirements for inspection?

In general, if the equipment lifts people or directly attaches a load (such as lifting tackle) then it requires an inspection every six months.

Most other equipment will require an inspection once a year. However, be aware there are exceptions so if you are in doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to offer advice.

For more information, please contact us for help, advice and a no obligation quote.

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A Thorough Examination under LOLER is a complete and thorough check of the equipment and safety critical parts. The examination is intended to confirm that the equipment is safe to use until the next Thorough Examination is due.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) state that the competent person carrying out Thorough Examinations must be “sufficiently independent and impartial to allow objective decisions to be made.”

They should have “genuine authority and independence to ensure that examinations are properly carried out and that the necessary recommendations arising from them are made without fear or favour.”

While a servicing or maintenance company can provide Thorough Examination services, it is your responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient separation in place. It should not be the same person carrying out both servicing and thorough examination as they would be assessing their own work, and this can increase the likelihood that something will be missed.

Plant Inspection Services do not provide any servicing or maintenance. This means that our engineers provide a fresh pair of eyes and are likely to be better placed to act impartially when they find defects associated with maintenance. We also do not stand to profit from any recommendations that we make, so you know they are always made with only your safety in mind.

In general, the following inspection frequencies apply as a minimum where there is no examination scheme in place:

  • Equipment that lifts people – Every 6 months.
  • Lifting Accessories (any piece of lifting equipment which is used to attach a load to lifting machinery e.g., slings and chains) – Every 6 months.
  • Other Lifting Equipment – Every 12 months.

The competent person can call for these frequencies to be reduced if they believe the equipment may deteriorate rapidly before the next examination.

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