A written scheme of examination is a document containing information about items of plant or equipment which form a pressure system, operate under pressure and contain a ‘relevant fluid’.

What is a relevant fluid?

The term relevant fluid is defined in the Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSR) and covers compressed or liquefied gas, including air, at a pressure greater than 0.5 bar (approximately 7 psi) above atmospheric pressure; pressurised hot water above 110 °C; and steam at any pressure.

How do I know which parts of PSSR apply to my system?

If your pressure system falls within the scope of the relevant regulations, then you are required to have a Written Scheme of Examination in place before the system is used. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) provide the following flow chart to easily determine which parts of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) apply to your system:

Note: the flow chart only covers type (a) pressure systems, as defined in pssr regulation 2(1) under ‘pressure system’, ‘one or more pressure vessels of rigid construction, any associated pipework and protective devices.’ it does not cover a type (b) pressure system, ‘the pipework with its protective devices to which a transportable pressure receptacle is, or is intended to be, connected,’ or a type (c) pressure system, ‘a pipeline and its protective devices.’ if your pressure system is as defined in (b) or (c), this diagram will not work.

This article contains public sector information published by the health and safety executive and licensed under the open government license.

What is in a Written Scheme of Examination?

Where required, the typical contents of a written scheme of examination will include:

  • identification of the items of plant or equipment within the system;
  • those parts of the system which are to be examined;
  • the nature of the examination required, including the inspection and testing to be carried out on any protective devices;
  • the preparatory work needed for the item to be examined safely;
  • where appropriate, the nature of any examination needed before the system is first used;
  • the maximum interval between examinations;
  • the critical parts of the system which, if modified or repaired, should be examined by a competent person before the system is used again;
  • the name of the competent person certifying the written scheme of examination and the date of certification.

Plant Inspection Services are here to help

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